• Spy on Phone calls and Texts
  • Track GPS location in Real Time
  • Record environmental sounds

SPY on Calls

Use the software to get all inbound/outbound call logs with names, cell phone numbers, duration and timestamps.


You get access to all the sent/received texts immediately, even if they were deleted on the targeted device!

SPY on Emails

With the help of TopSpy you can easily review all the sent/received emails from the monitored device.

Track GPS Location

TopSpy provides you with the answer where your kid or employee is. Simple, yet powerful tracking app that works in real time!

Monitor Internet Use

All the browsing history from the targeted device's Internet browser is at your tips right on your Control Panel.

View Multimedia Files

Get access to pictures and videos that are saved on the monitored device. Every picture taken will be saved on your Control Panel.

Get Access to Calendar
and Contacts

Use TopSpy to get all the contacts saved in the address book on the targeted device. Be posted on calendar events as well.

Intercept Instant

With the help of TopSpy you can keep track of targeted device's texting activity. Get all the messages directly to your Control Panel.

Record environmental sounds

Use this feature to get the clear picture of what is happening around the targeted device. Turn the device's mic into a bug!

Control Apps and Programs

If you need to know what's installed on the device - TopSpy is here to help you. Make sure there are no inappropriate activities.


Keylogger from TopSpy provides you with the information that target user taps in any app on the mobile device you are monitoring.

SMS Commands

When you do not have access to your Control Panel to schedule or check something - SMS commands feature becomes very handy!

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Daughter Elsie N.,place of birth Inglewood, date of birth 4 July 1912

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