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How does TopSpy spyware for cell phone work?

Buy the needed cell phone spying plan!

Check pricing and plans page and decide on the best suitable plan, depending on your cell phone spying needs and timeframe you are willing to use it for.
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Add the device to your Control Panel

Follow the guidelines on how to start cell phone spying from your Control Panel and finish the step-by-step instructions. Physical access is a must and the installation is less than 5 minutes. After installation the TopSpy cell phone spy software will start working in stealth mode.

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Get the intel from cell phone spyware directly from your Control Panel!

The app constantly pushes new texts, phone call logs, media from the target device right to your cell phone spy Control Panel. The Internet is required for the transmission purposes. Check the data from any device hooked up to the Internet!

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Cell phone tracking software

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